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24 Thoughts to “[HUMOR] I am the stupidest person alive.”

  1. acm94994

    Can totally relate to this…… Waiting for the next cake to spawn

  2. Mikekid

    No cake spawned for me yet 🙁

  3. boogiethewoogie

    I always wait for another one to pop up before removing it, or wait to get a shovel

  4. PaSkiBum

    I just remove everything and sell those shovels for gems. Maybe I’m the only one, lol

  5. Brawlersito

    What do you get?

  6. LemonSnek939

    I used the shovel on the Spike-y Cactus because it spawned in the middle of my base. It’s now in the top left of the base where the 8th anniversary cake is

  7. Oranjay2

    I got super lucky with it spawning at the edge of my base

  8. throwawaybnr1

    Thanks bro! I’m off to shovel my cake

  9. jec52208

    Happened to me put another spawned

  10. _A-I_

    Wow no one saves their shovels?

  11. Volotol_

    i moved mine next to my 2016 christmas tree, i unfortunately removed my other holiday obstacles a long time ago..

  12. DT_Busne

    I’ve got 3 cakes already

  13. DummyDummyGumGum

    Thanks for reminding me about the free trader deals

  14. Castemaxis

    Just copy an obstacle base online.. solves the problem. mine defends aswell

  15. realKobiwanknobi

    Thank you for this, now I am able to move it

  16. redditcontrolme_enon

    Removing the anniversary cake because you literally have 0 room in your base for any more obstacles

  17. Swordlord22

    I just keep one of every special obstacle

  18. CSygi

    Never found a use for the shovel lol

  19. lostsanity1

    But the shovel can be sold for 50 gems. Tough decisions when my gems are at 12 lol

  20. cicona122

    I have sold the shovel

  21. XxdartfartxX

    i sold the shovel

  22. Marv66123

    Don’t worry like 3-4 spawn

  23. Otto_Mcwrect

    Choosing to use a shovel when you could sell it for 50 gems…

  24. Temporary-Bandicoot6


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