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14 Thoughts to “[HUMOR] CWL in a nutshell”

  1. grumpapa

    Lol I thought he was going to cancel out for the 97% 1 star

  2. DishiestOrc

    Nice attack man! Any tips for a rookie

  3. Andrakisjl

    Should’ve just dropped 1 wizard after destroying all the defenses with lightning spells. Salt in the wound.

  4. BlurryBigfoot74

    Whew that was close.

  5. Champ1271

    Young teen destroyed by older veteran

  6. JeBronLames23_

    Waste of troops lmao he could’ve just used the king and the queen

  7. LegionOf9

    damn they barely scraped the 3 star

    edit: spelling

  8. sstuwwenger

    Wow that was a close one, you’re lucky you got the 3 star my friend

  9. The_Nick_OfTime

    I just booted all but 15 people from my clan and my buddy is on hiatus so I was sure we were going to get dominated this CWL….somehow this is our best one yet… thank you to all the low lvl people hanging out in clans with one TH13

  10. AntiNumbskull

    barely had enough time to deploy all his troops

  11. MParty111

    Execute Order 66

  12. py34567

    Me always getting bullied by people 3 TH levels higher

  13. Hithenameskevin666

    Why waste troops just drop Royals to clean up after you took out defenses and it would show your superiority.

  14. gushybaba

    Poor base the attacker did him dirty 😂😂😂 he should of lost the battle so he can do his clan dirty 😂😭

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