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24 Thoughts to “[HUMOR]”

  1. sonDIC_

    I remember protecting the mortar with 2 layers of walls at th5, it was that important I guess.

  2. TheRealPetross

    lol now i see mortars littered on the outside bits

  3. _MildlyMisanthropic

    I’m going to guess this meme was made by a TH8/9

  4. xanuavor

    Mortars are actually pretty decent at the higher th. Mortars arent considered a priority defence so they are excellent for putting outside of base where they are great for preventing cc to be lured (if the cc is closer to outside) with a single hog.

    And yes i understand the joke.

  5. OrhanDaLegend

    mortars do so little damage and at higher levels people dont use one shot troops like archers and barbs so its less useful
    but it looks badass

  6. swastik_vaish

    Yeah and pretty low hit points compared to other defenses

  7. driftKing614366

    Hello there

  8. Agent-Reddit_2419

    IMO, Mortars are important till TH9

  9. Alfred1828

    Waiting for a you (mortar) vs the guy she told you not to worry about (scattershot)

  10. Thomas_Morr

    Real talk!

  11. tahaclasher

    so true 🤣

  12. max249-

    The only thing that makes them kinda useful is the upgrade difference… at lower town halls it’s +1 or +2 DPS. From th9 it’s +5. Still not an upgrade priority lol, I always save them for last

  13. SamuraiCorb1517

    More of a distraction at higher levels. Keeps the tanks from going inside the base when they’re placed!

  14. Ksense444

    No mortars aren’t useless back in 2012 there was a sell button

  15. iMangeshSN

    My alt is at TH3 and this is highly true

  16. Osumazi

    I think if mortar would get a buff it had to be like a quarter second stun or slow on the area it hits at higher th’s but it can’t get an insane buff at hp or smthing because that could already make triples almost impossible and i guess mass groundattacks would be almost dead. A lot of triples are super close at time…

  17. t3r4byt3l0l

    Currently upgrading to TH13, all my defenses are TH12 maxed except for my mortars, they’re not even maxed for TH11

  18. -Eb4i-

    As someone who uses barch to farm almost exclusively, I respectfully disagree.

  19. Mr-NiftyYeet

    I’m lost now, by English rules it is an useless, because an is used when the next word starts with a vowel. It doesn’t sound right say an useless I think it is a useless. English is my first language and I’m this lost over a meme/grammatical error, yet I don’t know if it is a grammatical error, instead of googling it, I do this instead

  20. haitin5050

    Debatable, i mean the mortor does like 0.00000001% of the troops health. Nothing is useless even though somethings are awfully bad

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