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11 Thoughts to “[GLITCH] You can view your enemy by staying as a member during cwl”

  1. Barney__the_dinosaur

    Ooh damn

  2. rtshovel

    who keeps their clan open during war?

  3. jayaprakashkp

    That’s something serious

  4. LozioLudo

    uhm.. I can spectate my enemies and I’m not in WL, idk why u get that error but how is that helpful anyway?

  5. razorpineleaf1

    Classic SC

  6. listless_Io

    Frickin spies

  7. BeachGlassBlazer

    ELI5 why this matters? As a new person I can’t see this but what does seeing it do for me?

  8. favaw3

    How is this helpful though? It’s not like u can scout them

  9. jac5423

    Keep it a secret plz! Delete the post now!!!

  10. Tickle-Mi-Pickle

    If you can’t scout and attack a base without cheating you should find another game. It’s annoying when a select few think they are above the rules and ruin the integrity of game for others that are enjoying it within the confines of fair play.

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