Today we gonna see another competition in Clash of Clans universe.
Cannon will be the one to test the strength of two troops Hog Rider and Giant. Both will compete against each other to be the first one to defeat max level cannon (level 19 Cannon).
This is fair competition since both troop is very similar. Giant and Hog Rider, both have defensive building as their main target and also they both have 5 housing space. However both has their own uniqueness.
Giant is slow but has big amount of hitpoint and can deal decent amount of damage.
Hog Rider is pretty fast with his hammer he can deal high amount of damage but he doesn’t have hitpoints as many as giant.
Cannon is the most basic defensive building. In fact we already got it from tutorial section when we play Clash of Clans for the first time. Cannon have decent amount of hitpoints and can deal decent amount of damage which make it perfect for this competition.

Who is gonna win this epic battle?
The Big Guy Giant with his fist?
The Tough Guy Hog Rider with his hammer?
they both to weak to defeat max level cannon?

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