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12 Thoughts to “Barb king at th7 vs th9+ [HUMOR]”

  1. listless_Io

    Yeah my barb only serves as a meat shield now

  2. SmarmySlayer

    Level 22 queen and upgrading while my king is at 12 lol

  3. KiwiCzechh

    The King is a beast. At max level he can clear massive chunks if a base on his own. Something the Queen can’t do as well if she doesn’t have healers.

  4. Sirilreddy

    I’m a max th10 who’s constantly in war, i felt the king is useless, so i just kept him for upgrade and played with the queen… but lol now my king is lvl 40 and queen at 36.

  5. DummyDummyGumGum

    I actually got the king in th8 lol

  6. LamarjbYT

    Reddit: Instagram steals our Memes!

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  7. CaptainRedDoom

    Notice the watermark in the left corner

  8. Jawa_with_a_D

    TBH he’s not that good when you unlock him at th7 I barley use him

  9. Dix106

    Lol bk is so neglected and underrated imo

  10. Alexo656

    My queen is level 38 and my king is 27. King is only useful to keep queen alive

  11. Quescar

    Both of my heroes (th 9) are lvl 19

  12. mastermax922

    honestly, queen lowkey kinda useless. RC is where its at

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