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[MISC] Fully Maxed Bases After 7 years of the game! Free to Play

[MISC] Fully Maxed Bases After 7 years of the game! Free to Play

Fully maxed both Home Village and Builder Base after playing for 7 years

Was 100% free to play, and had close to 20k gems before I bought all the shovels to move trees, and the Ice Queen skin (which I don’t regret)

Stuck around 3400 trophies for most of it. There was a 1-2 year period where I went Titan League.

After the insane amount of war attacks I have done, I have gotten pretty good at either 2 or 3 starring max bases. (Definitely still throw my phone sometimes)

I played every single day for 7 years. I would do something like 6-7 attacks a day but I spent hours planning which builder should do what, how to maneuver items in my favor etc.

People have asked me if it was worth the amount of time… The answer is no. Would I do it again? Absolutely not, I would just buy the gold pass a few times and max out in a year.

I have a second account I have tried the gold pass on, and I maxed out th10 in just a few months. Plus, I would get skins, and shovels without having to mine gems for years.

If there is anything I’m forgetting to mention above, comment below and Ill try and answer! Feeling great to not have to attend to this game every day and/or when I’m out at bars or with the gf.

Having the free time in the morning is incredible



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  1. SynnoGaming

    Congrats dude! 7 years of dedication and it payed off. I hope you celebrate accordingly lol. Interesting that you said it wasn’t worth it haha. The gold pass (although it was hated initially) certainly makes it cheaper to max bases if you want to go pay2win. Congrats bro, have a good one!


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