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[IDEA] The possible impact of reworking friendly wars

[IDEA] The possible impact of reworking friendly wars

Friendly wars. I’d say 90% of clans don’t utilise these at all – so I’d like to propose a possibly controversial rework – let people have their heroes available to them even when upgrading FOR FRIENDLY WARS ONLY!

Why? Imagine the consequences. I wouldn’t be surprised if entire clans get created for the sole purpose of friendly warring other clans within a sort of alliance system. The skills that players could pick up would be unparalleled, as active players who upgrade heroes no longer get disincentivized to do war hits. Furthermore, I see no real loss to SC revenue as a result of letting this happen – I’ve never heard of anyone buying gems to gem their queen for a FW!

Another thing I’d like to add is for ccs to be auto filled during FWs if possible – let co-leaders do the equivalent of one gem donations, but for free.

I know this will probably be overlooked within this subreddit, but I really do think this could revolutionise the game. Given that FWs give no rewards, I genuinely don’t see much of a downside!

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  2. sp00kypork

    Lol everyone wants this. Only problem is the profit made from gemm…………I mean it’s a slippery slope to people asking for this in regular wars.

  3. ByWillAlone

    SuperCell has previously said that having heroes unavailable for regular attacks, but making them available for war was a technological challenge they weren’t interested in investing time or resources to.

    However, if they ever went to the trouble of overcoming the technical challenge of making heroes available for friendly wars, they would suddenly lose their “technical challenge” excuse for not making them available to regular war. They would immediately be challenged on that claim and would be out of excuses for not making them available for regular war also.

    I personally believe SuperCell likes having that excuse available (needs it, in fact) as a way of avoiding the overwhelming community demand for having upgrading heroes available for war.


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