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[ASK] War Mechanics

[ASK] War Mechanics

Hey guys, me and my mates on my clan we need to know something, we are discussing about CWL and CW, and we are talking about putting some guys that are lower, but we don’t know exactly how they work, CWL are matched on the clan league right? So basically if we put lower players they would still face high level opponents.

And on CW we think they match the foes with the clan trophies.

So either way we wouldn’t be able to put them on war.

We don’t know exactly but are we correct? If not, plz correct us! Thanks for reading!

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  1. CongressmanCoolRick

    Trophies have no effect on matching in regular wars or in cwl, ignore them completely when talking about war.

    Regular war matching is kinda complicated, and not 100% understood, but we have a good idea of how its done. A base is given a value (war weight) based on its offense and defensive strength. Clans are matched by what the game thinks is even war weights. Not 1 to 1 but over a whole clan, plus streaks are taken into account. If you add in lower accounts the game will try to find another clan with a similar lineup/war weight, but they still may be outmatched, or you may have an advantage for them too, hard to tell.

    For CWL its based on league only. Well the very first cwl a clan does takes weight into account, but after that its only based on whether you promoted/demoted/or placed in the middle of last months cwl. If you go out and create only all new th3 accounts for the next cwl, you’ll face the exact same clans you would with your current lineup.

    If you want to add in the lower town halls, make sure they are comfortable 2 starring higher town halls. If they can’t 2 star the types of bases they will face, they should go find a different clan in a lower league for that month.

  2. pflagert

    You are correct on CWL (based on League with the exception of the first CWL). Regular clan wars are based on war participants war weight (defensive / offensive strength). Putting lower members in regular war is okay most of the time.

  3. blackbb601

    You’re right about CWL. In CW it tries to find an opponent with the same war weight as your clan so you’re more evenly matched.


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