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[NEXT] Should I Rush Town hall level 4.

[NEXT] Should I Rush Town hall level 4.

I am a brand new player, having litterally started yesterday. I know that rushing in CoC is generally a bad idea. I rushed Town hall level 3 so I could upgrade my economy buildings. Should I go for town hall level 4 once My mine and elixir buildings are all level 5 so I can level them up again or should I town hall max.

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  1. oogityboogity69420

    Rush to th 6 then farm with barch, way easier to get loot.

  2. Asante_-

    Rush to TH5 or 6 and try to max walls up until at least TH8 or you will be overwhelmed later

  3. UselessDiavolo

    Strategic rush ftw

  4. mcook5

    Rush to th9 or th10, before that doesn’t matter

  5. icesharkyy

    No brother never rush it’s a bad idea


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