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Why walls SHOULD require a builder [meta]

Why walls SHOULD require a builder [meta]

Everyone has their builders working 24/7 and their storages are full. “Jeez, i would to love to do some walls rn” Then, that persons storages would be less full. If ppl could upgrade walls whenever there would be far less loot in the global economy. This would lead to slower wall progression, putting you back at square one.

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  1. Jhfm

    You know, loot scarcity is a made up problem created by supercell who hides tens of thousands of dead bases with their search algorithm.

  2. LichQueenWalker

    If walls didn’t require a builder, ppl would just max their walls sooner, with the end result still being more loot in the storages. Not to mention dead and legend/max bases which this wouldn’t affect at all.

    If there was *any* merit to your argument **whatsoever**, then builder base walls wouldn’t require a builder either.

  3. GreenC4id

    Your wrong I’m right


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