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Every Level Archer VS Every Level Archer Tower | Clash of Clans

Every Level Archer VS Every Level Archer Tower | Clash of Clans

Today we gonna see another epic battle between building and troops. Today video featuring archer and archer tower.
Archer as we all know is the one of the best and cheapest range unit in Clash of Clans. Archer can deal big amount of damage with the power of pack. She does not have high hitpoint thus is not very durable against defense or other troops so we sure need to bring more than one archer.
Archer tower in the other hand is simply archer with the high ground. Archers who stand on the wooden table is Archer Tower. Don’t you ever underestimate archer tower power since it can deal high amount of single target damage. With the advantage of its long distance attack it can bring some nightmare to almost every troops since it can deal damage to ground and air unit. In term of durability it has pretty good hitpoint but actually it is pretty mediocre compared to high tier defense.

Who is gonna win this epic battle?
Archer with her arrow?
Archer Tower with her arrow too?

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